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Tesla software upgrade leads to full autonomy

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hinting that the next version of Tesla’s Autopilot software will bring its vehicles closer to autonomous driving.

He’s tweeted that the latest Autopilot software rolling out is “fully fixed in August update as part of our long-awaited Tesla Version 9. To date, Autopilot resources have rightly focused entirely on safety. With V9, we will begin to enable full self-driving features.”

The Autopilot feature, which includes auto-steering, lane assist and automatic braking must currently be used with the driver remaining ready to take full control and keep hands on the wheel.

In response to a tweet that called for “more sensitive auto wiper (so they trigger more often) —have autopilot read turn signals in neighbouring lanes to anticipate cars merging in front of me (num one EAP disengagement for me)” he replied “coming soon.”


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