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Tesla programs cars to obey speed limit

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Tesla is updating its Autopilot to make it follow the speed limit on roads.

Electrek.co reports that before a recent update that is being gradually pushed to Tesla owners, the automaker allowed its Autopilot to be set at a higher speed than the speed limit on all roads where the driver assist system could be enabled, but now Tesla is pushing a new update to make Autopilot follow the rules of the road more closely.

Electrek has received reports from owners having received the new update since last week.  Tesla confirmed the release.

The report says owners of Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot have, up until now, been able to set the speed of the Autopilot’s ‘Traffic-Aware Cruise Control’ feature to up to 5 mph over the speed limit on roads and non-divided highways when using Autosteer.

Now they are restricted to following the speed limit exactly, without the 5 mph leeway.

On highways, the speed limit doesn’t have a direct effect on the Autopilot’s speed.   It says the speed is still limited by the Autopilot’s overall 90 mph speed limit.


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