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Tesla designing its own chip for AI – Musk

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Future Tesla vehicles will run their self-driving AI software on a chip designed by the carmaker itself, according to its CEO Elon Musk.

Wired reports that Musk told AI experts that his company is developing customised AI hardware chips, and that the chips’ processing power would help Tesla’s Autopilot automated-driving function save more lives, more quickly, by hastening the day it can drive at least 10 times more safely than a human. “We get there faster if we have dedicated AI hardware,” he is quoted as saying. He didn’t say how far along Tesla is in developing a chip, or when it will start shipping inside vehicles.

The magazine adds that Musk pitched his party as “a kind of group hug with the AI community, parts of which he has sometimes been at odds with.”  It says he swore that he and Tesla care deeply about the field, and spoke of the company’s need for AI talent in software and hardware.

The report comments that, “It might seem unlikely that an auto company could design a chip better than a chip company.” But it says that Tesla believes nothing on the market is a good fit for its mixture of sensors, or the reliability requirements of an auto.


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