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Tesla adding a stop light warning to Autopilot

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American automotive company Tesla is adding a stop light warning to its Autopilot mode, in order to warn drivers when they’re about to go though a red light. 

Tesla states that it has begun to roll out a new feature for Autopilot called Autosteer Stop Light Warning, which will include the latest vehicle software update.

The Verge reports that drivers using the Autosteer feature will get a warning if they are about to run a stop light.

Tesla says that the new safety feature is designed to help improve safe driving around stop lights. According to The Verge, the notification will pop up for drivers using the Autostreer feature and if also they’re driving fast enough that they nay run a red light.

The feature won’t apply the car’s brakes, but it will provide a visual and audible signal that lets the driver know that they need to resume control of the car and slow down right away.

The feature works by using information that Tesla’s accumulated in its mapping data to confirm the presence of a stoplight where it’s expected to be, as well as the car’s camera system, which has been trained to recognise red lights.


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