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Ten per cent fall in casualties on Scotland’s roads

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The number of people killed and injured on Scotland’s roads fell by 10% last year.

Transport Scotland Statisticians today (22 October 2014) released the final 2013 figures for road casualties reported to the police. As well as the 10% fall in overall casualties, to 11,498 in 2013, the figures also show that the number of fatalities fell by 3% to 172 and the number of serious injuries decreased by 16% to 1,672. The number of people slightly injured decreased by 9% over the year, to 9,654 in 2013.

Casualty numbers for all modes of transport fell, including a 12% fall in pedestrian casualties, an 11% fall for motorcycle casualties and a 3% fall in pedal cycle casualties. There were increases in fatalities amongst car users, motorcyclists and cyclists but fatalities for all other modes of transport fell between 2012 and 2013.

These statistics provide updates on progress against Scotland’s road safety targets as set out in the Scottish Road Safety Framework. Compared to the 2004-2008 baseline, in 2013 there were:

  • 172 fatalities, a reduction of 41% (2020 target: 40% reduction)
  • 1,672 serious injuries, a reduction of 36% (2020 target: 55% reduction)
  • An average of six children killed over the last three years, a reduction of 60% (2020 target: 50% reduction)
  • 143 children seriously injured, a reduction of 56% (2020 target: 65% reduction).

Hang on, the number of people KILLED has increased?
“There were increases in fatalities amongst car users, motorcyclists and cyclists”

Looking at the underlying statistics by Transport Scotland* you can see that 2013 had the highest number of people killed in Scotland whilst cycling since 2005!
2013: 13 people
2012: 9 people
2011: 7 people
2010: 7 people
2009: 5 people
2008: 9 people
2007: 4 people
2006: 10 people
2005: 16 people
2004: 7 people
2003: 14 people

Average 2003-2013 killed whilst cycling: 9

* see http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/statistics/j340611-03.htm