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Technology experts highlight the cyber risk posed by connected cars in report

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Technology experts have highlighted the need to address the cyber risk posed by connected cars in recent report by the U.S Consumer Watchdog.   

The issue has been reportedly raised by experts due to the expectation that General Motors,Toyota and Fords will only sell internet-connected cars by the end of the year.

According to FutureIOT the report urgently recommends that every new connected vehicle should be fitted with a ‘kill switch’ that physically disconnects the internet from safety-critical systems.

The report said, “The troubling issue for industry technologists is that these vehicles’ safety-critical systems are being linked to the Internet without adequate security and with no way to disconnect them in the event of a fleet-wide hack.”

FutureIOT said the report has predicted that by 2022, no less than two-thirds of new cars on American roads will have online connections to the cars’ safety-critical system, putting them at risk of deadly hacks.

Experts said in the report, “Using smartphone technology in cars – technology that was never designed to protect safety-critical systems – is a recipe for disaster. A plausible scenario involving a fleet-wide hack during rush hour in major U.S. metropolitan areas could result in approximately 3,000 fatalities, the same death toll as the 9/11- attack.”

Read the full report here.


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