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Swedes unveil “world’s most advanced” testing facility for self-driving vehicles

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A Swedish government-owned company has unveiled what it says is “the world’s most advanced testing facility for self-driving vehicles”. 

The AstaZero 5G proving ground in Gothenburg was originally established in 2014 as a bespoke test facility for Uber.  It has been upgraded and is now open to other companies and organisations.

The site is owned and operated by the Research Institutes of Sweden, a state-owned enterprise, in partnership with the local Charmers University, and is described as a “first step towards a completely new type of test environment that provides the data necessary to predict vehicle behaviour in real-life situations without the need for on-the-road testing”.

The facility includes a lab, city environment, rural roads as well as a number of other conditions which AstaZero says negates the need to test vehicles on public roads in cities.

Peter Janvik, CEO of AstaZero, says, “The automotive industry clearly needs better, faster and much more complex test facilities before new self-driving products can be safely tested on public roads.

“AstaZero is unveiling the world’s most advanced test environment with 5G speed and accuracy that can replicate real-world traffic complexity unlikely anything that’s been seen before.”


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