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Sussex introducing average speed cameras

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The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is using a Siemens average speed detection system to help reduce speeding in Brighton and Hastings.

The Home Office type-approved SafeZone solution will be fully integrated to the back-office penalty notice processing facility run by the Partnership.

SafeZone is an average speed enforcement system based on leading automatic number plate recognition technology.

By identifying all vehicles as they enter the enforcement zones, SafeZone calculates average speed over a measured distance travelled within the zone, ensuring high compliance to the speed limits and safer traffic flow. Evidential records are only created for vehicles that exceed the speed limit and are sent remotely to the back -office in-station for processing through a fixed communications network.

Mark Trimmer, operations manager for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: “The aim of the SafeZone cameras is to reduce the speed vehicles travel along the seafront at Brighton, in order to reduce the risk of a serious collision. It is hoped the cameras will provide a safe environment for local residents and visitors to one of the county’s most popular visitor destinations.”

The seafront at Hastings is prone to speeding and overtaking at all hours of the day, and the road is still a main thoroughfare to the other side of the county. To contend with the large number of visitors Hastings gets, average speed cameras will be installed to maintain a safe environment along one of the busiest roads,’ he added.

On Brighton’s Marine Parade West, Marine Parade East and Madeira Drive, three SafeZone SiCore cameras will be installed and a further two cameras will operate on the A259 Grosvenor Crescent and Marina East in Hastings.



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