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Survey suggests Welsh drivers sceptical about driverless cars

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A YouGov survey for claims portal is suggesting that 77 per cent of adults in Wales said they would be uncomfortable being a passenger in a driverless car.

“There has been much confusion and concern when it comes to driverless cars, said John Quail, Managing Director of  “I think there is still a long way to go before driverless cars are fully accepted and people have the confidence to use them.”

 “I call on the innovators associated with their development to consider how uncomfortable and wary people feel. It seems that there are many with concerns, demonstrated by the statistic of adults in Wales saying they’d feel uncomfortable as a passenger in a driverless car.  There needs to me more information in the public domain, which might lead to more confidence in the mode of transport.”

“The development in driverless car technology has also revealed some legal issues.  The law surrounding making a claim should you be victim in an incident involving a driverless car is unclear.  One way of reducing concerns about driverless cars can be through educating road users and informing them of legal guidelines.”


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