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Summary of transport technology at CES

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The 50th Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas with the largest ever presence from the auto industry.

The consultancy SBD has posted a comprehensive summary of the event which is reproduced below.

Aguila to Showcase New Connected Car Solution
Cariboo is a new device developed by the company that interacts with the user’s smartphone. It allows the user to share location, track vehicle and access other driving information via the smartphone.

Audi to use Qualcomm Chipsets for 2017 Vehicles
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 602A processors have been selected for Audi’s 2017 vehicles. The Snapdragon 602A is Qualcomm Technologies’ first automotive grade infotainment chipset.

Autoliv to preview Learning Intelligent Vehicle
Autoliv Research to reveal ‘Learning Intelligent Vehicle’ (LIV), which connects all the different technologies via an AI-based ECU that communicates and acts on all available data.

BMW presents HoloActive Touch
BMW will be presenting its HoloActive Touch system: a virtual touchscreen generated using reflections so it appears to hover in space. It is operated by using finger gestures and features haptic feedback to give the user feedback when a ‘button’ is pressed. HoloActive Touch is part of  BMW i Inside Future study at CES.

Bosch to Present Multiple Smart Solutions on IoT
Bosch is showcasing concept car with personal assistant as a part of connected mobility solutions, smart home, smart cities and sensors which enabling better connectivity for the cars.

Continental showcases multiple innovative technologies
TN has already covered a number of different technologies on show from Continental such as its VoicR social networking app and biometrics offerings.

Delphi and Mobileye to Conduct Automated Driving Demo
Delphi will be providing drives lasting almost an hour in four self-driving Audi SQ5s. The 6.3-mile drive will cover urban streets, highways and tunnels and showcases Delphi and Mobileye’s Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) automated driving system, which will be ready for production by 2019.

Denso to Showcase Smarter Mobility Concepts
From a holographic haptic controller for vehicles, to collaborative robots for homes, DENSO will feature future-focused technologies designed for Smarter Mobility and Smarter Living.

ESI Group to showcase Virtual Human-In-The-Loop concept
The company will be showcasing multiple concept in the field of ADAS and autonomous cars.

Faraday Future debuts its first production car
Following on from last year’s unveiling of the FFZERO1 concept, the new car is the result of a partnership with LeEco and is likely to be a premium crossover.

FCA showcases fourth-generation Uconnect and Portal Concept
FCA opens the show with its first ever CES press conference. As well as showcasing its fourth-generation Uconnect infotainment system, it will be unveiling the Portal concept, an all-electric minivan with a high level of connectivity.

Ford debuts Fusion Hybrid
Ford will debut their second-generation autonomous Fusion Hybrid with new hardware and increased processing power.

GENIVI Alliance to Demo Connected Car Collaborations
GENIVI will exhibit the result of an active collaboration with the Open Connectivity Foundation on vehicle-to-smart home connectivity, using the GENIVI Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) technology.

Harman to Showcase Multiple Concepts on Connectivity
HARMAN will be displaying their latest products across Connected Car, Lifestyle Audio and Connected Services at CES.

HERE and Mobileye to partner on crowd-sourced HD mapping for automated driving
HERE and Mobileye are developing advanced crowd source navigation maps which incorporates computer vision, machine learning, data analysis, localization and mapping for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous cars.

Honda to Preview “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem”
Honda will unveil concepts on urban mobility, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Features will range from reducing traffic congestion to creating new modes of in-car connectivity.

Hyundai showcases Ioniq
Hyundai will be showcasing a fleet of Ioniqs (unveiled last year at the LA Auto Show) which will offer passenger rides. It will also present its latest range of robotic exoskeletons and its hyper-connected car platform to seamlessly link mobility with the home and workplace.

Hyundai Mobis to Showcase Autonomous Tech
Mobis will showcase a wide variety of future vehicle technologies including autonomous driving and ICT(Information and Communication Technology).

Innoviz and Magna Partner on LiDAR
The companies are partnering to deliver LiDAR remote sensing solutions for the implementation of autonomous driving features and full autonomy in future vehicles.

Intel to Showcase its ‘Connected World’ Solution
Intel will unveil concepts on artificial intelligence, 5G technology, virtual reality and self-driving cars for a smart and connected world.

LeddarTech to Showcase 2D and 3D Solid-State LiDARs
LeddarTech will be showcasing 2D and 3D high-resolution LiDAR solutions for autonomous driving applications based on its next-generation LeddarCore ICs and developed with the collaboration of suppliers and partners from the newly-established Leddar Ecosystem designed by the company.

Lucid Motors launches Lucid Air
Lucid Motors, partnering with Mobileye, will be launching its first car, the Lucid Air. It will be following the Tesla model in that it will launch with redundant autonomous hardware which will be gradually implemented through OTA updates to a level of full autonomy.

Magna to Demonstrate Future Mobility Capabilities
In Magna’s booth, attendees will be able to use Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality technology to personally experience the car of the future. The self-contained, holographic computer will allow attendees to experience unique future vehicle technology.

Mercedes Benz showcases CASE strategy
Mercedes Benz will be focussing on its corporate CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive) strategy. The Concept EQ Crossover and the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van will be on display. Mercedes will also present their “Fit&Healthy” vision of how society’s increasing health consciousness can be intelligently combined with future mobility.

Nissan to make a ‘substantial’ reveal
Nissan has hinted at a ‘substantial’ reveal but no further information has yet become available. Carlos Ghosn will be delivering a keynote speech on January 5th.

Nonda Group to showcase multiple connected car products
Nonda group will showcase six devices under the connected car platform. The advanced hardware technology is bundled with apps on iOS or Android for easy access.

NVIDIA to Present its Latest Concepts on Self-Driving Cars
NVIDIA will share its insight on artificial intelligence, self driving cars and virtual reality at the event.

Rinspeed Presents its Clever Urban “Oasis” Concept
To interact with the Harman system, the occupants use a slightly curved 5K widescreen display with voice- or gesture-control that spans the width of the “Oasis” in front of its passengers.

Tata Elxsi to Preview Innovations in Automotive Electronics
The company will be showcasing its solutions and services for Infotainment, ADAS leading to autonomous vehicles, the connected car, AI and IoT.

Toyota to showcase concept for UX development
Toyota will be showing a new concept vehicle. Produced by the Calty design centre in California, it will highlight the critical importance of UX in the development of highly automated vehicles and robots. Toyota will also introduce their next generation framework for connected vehicles and telematics systems.

Visteon to Debut Next-Gen Vehicle Infotainment Platform
Headlining Visteon’s exhibit will be the debut of its next-generation infotainment platform, Phoenix, which is designed to unlock innovation by enabling third-party developers to create apps easily.

Volvo to debut Skype on its 90 Series Cars
Volvo announced collaboration with Microsoft, it will introduce Skype for business to its new 90 series cars.

Volvo Cars and Autoliv announce the launch of Zenuity
Volvo and Autoliv have signed a final agreement to establish a new joint venture called Zenuity to develop software for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems.

VW launches Mobility Services Company, ‘MOIA’
MOIA is a stand-alone company under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, and will develop and market its own mobility services either independently or in partnership with cities and existing transport systems.


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