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Speed cameras used to enforce non-speeding violations

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New figures show that mobile speed cameras have been used to catch drivers in the North East committing crimes such as using a phone behind the wheel and using illegal number plates.

ChronicleLive.co.uk quotes figures released by the Northumbria Road Safety Initiative which show almost 700 motorists were caught by the cameras for offences other than speeding.

The most common crime was drivers not wearing their seat belts, with 604 people being penalised during a four-month period.

The figures also reveal 52 motorists were caught using a phone behind the wheel during the four-month period.

Road awareness group Go Safe told the website, “Set your phone to voice mail or call divert, that way you will not miss a call.

“If you are on a long journey take regular breaks, get out and walk about and make your calls then.”

A total of 36 drivers were caught for “other offences” such as not being in control of their vehicle or using illegal number plates.


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