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Speed camera partnership apologises for wrongly-issued fines

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The GoSafe speed camera partnership in North Wales has apologised to drivers who received speeding tickets on a section of the A55, because it didn’t reset the limit on its cameras after a period of roadworks.

The Daily Post reports that a 40mph limit that was put in place during roadworks was only supposed to last from Monday October 17 to the early hours of Friday October 21 when the cameras were supposed to be reset to the 70mph limit.   Signs indicated the normal maximum speed limit was back in operation.

But the cameras were still set to 40mph and fines were sent out to drivers who were obeying the limit.

A GoSafe spokesman told the Daily Post, “During a period of essential maintenance within the Conwy tunnel on the A55 in North Wales, a temporary 40 mph speed restriction was in place between Monday 17 October and Friday 21 October. 

“For the protection of the workforce and safety of all road users, that temporary speed limit was enforced through an Average Speed Camera System. 

“The tunnel works concluded in the early hours of Friday 21 October, and as a consequence the traffic management and temporary speed limit was removed from the A55, and signage was placed out to indicate the cameras were no longer in use. 

“Regrettably, the speed cameras were not deactivated at that time, and speed data was still processed by the average speed cameras for several hours afterwards, resulting in Notices of Intended Prosecution being sent out. 

“North Wales Police have been made aware of the issue, and will be contacting those individuals who received a Notice after the limit was removed, and no further action will be taken.”


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