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“Someone may die” in Dartford Crossing queues

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The MP for Dartford has warned that frequent traffic problems at the Dartford Crossing could prove fatal to a vulnerable person trapped in a queue.

Conservative Gareth Johnson was reacting to the closure of the Dartford Tunnels on Sunday which was blamed on a power cut, meaning the height sensors on the northbound approach did not work.

Drivers complained of being stuck in queues for five hours.

Mr Johnson is calling for contingency plans to cope with what he thinks are becoming regular problems.  He told Kentonline, “every few days people are getting stuck on the motorway, or on Dartford’s surrounding roads, due to a major incident at the crossing.  I contacted the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling on his first day in the job and I have explained to him that the situation in Dartford is now unbearable.  I am waiting to hear what he will do.”

He fears that the delays could cost the life of someone relying on medication who were disproportionately affected by the delays.

“Highways England and I agree that trying to find a solution to this ongoing problem is ten years too late, nothing has been done for so long and now a major issue is an almost daily occurrence. We are now playing catch up,” Mr Johnson added.

Kentonline further quotes him as saying, “I have told Highways England people want action. We want to know what is being done to try and mitigate these problems.

Highways England it would have been dangerous to allow traffic to travel through while the safety systems were offline.


I cannot agree with Mr Johnson more – I commute on the A2 each day and am thankful that i do not have to use the Dartford crossings – several times in the morning recently I have taken 2 hours to crawl from the M2 to the M25 and am thankful that i can carry on into London along the A2 and not have to keep in the queue for the Crossings – what time these people get into work or their destination heaven knows. I also have to visit Dartford and regularly arrive very late for appointments. More serious though is that since the Dart Charge has been introduced and traffic is not held at the Crossings by the booths every evening commute along the A2 to Kent is just a crawl from the Blackwall Tunnel to past Bluewater which I attribute to traffic joining the A2 from the Crossings more quickly now the booths no longer delay the traffic. May have relieved the Crossings but have passed the queues onto the A2. Stop/start/stop/start for hours !!!