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Social Media pioneer joins Smart Highways columnists

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Smart Highways has recruited Welsh Social Media expert Chris Moore to its team of columnists.

Chris is one of the most famous voices in Wales, having been a leading radio broadcaster in the country for more than 20 years, where he pioneered the use of Social Media to interact with audiences.

He is now a leading Social Media consultant, helping businesses and organisations with their social media strategy.

Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton says: “I am delighted to get Chris on board to help guide our readers in the fast-changing world of Social Media.  I first worked with Chris at Red Dragon Radio in Cardiff in the early 90s and so I’ve called in a favour and persuaded him to find the time to write for me.”

Chris says, “The British love talking about two things, the weather and how awful their journeys have been.  Social Media can be used both to manage information flow to travellers and also to gather intelligence about what’s happening on a network from the users in real time.  I’m really pleased I can share some ideas and expertise which hopefully can help people refine and improve their Social Media strategies.”

Paul adds, “I have just got back from the ITS America annual meeting in Pittsburgh and was chatting to the former head of the US Coastguard there and he said that a Social Media strategy is vital to manage information during a crisis.  I told him I’d just appointed a columnist to write on that very subject and he called me a ‘smart guy’.  From someone who’s regularly briefed American Presidents, that’s high praise indeed!”

Chris joins existing columnists David Bonn and Mark Pleydell (both leading ITS experts and consultants), former Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman and ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin.  Chris’s first column will be in this month’s latest issue of Smart Highways.


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