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So that was Bordeaux, now see you in Glasgow and Melbourne – audio

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As the 22nd ITS World Congress draws to a close in Bordeaux, thoughts are already turning to the two major ITS events next year.

The organisers of both next year’s world event in Melbourne and European meeting in Glasgow are urging industry professionals to keep the dates free in their diaries.

Both Hamilton Purdie, who’s leading the Glasgow congress, and Susan Harris of ITS Australia have spoken to Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton.

“Scotland is a very small nation [but] has a large history in ITS,” said Hamilton, “going back to the early 60s which is when Glasgow became the first place to get computerised control of traffic signals, way before London and the rest of Europe.”

He says the Glasgow event will be a continuation of what’s been done at previous World and European congresses, but “also bringing this innovative relatively small country with relatively less bureaucracy where we can actually do things very quickly”.

Meanwhile Susan Harris told Paul that the long flights to Melbourne will be worth it: “Melbourne is an opportunity to meet with Asia.  We’ve got some really strong interest, we’ve got some great technology to showcase, we’ve got freight trials, we’ve got fantastic demonstrations and we’ve secured the Formula 1 track for demonstrations so we’re doing automated driving, and we’ll have a really strong programme.”

And she adds that they have solutions to congestion challenges, “we’ve got an industry in Australia that is dedicated to pushing to solve those problems and that’s why we’ve got the World’s Most Liveable City for five years in a row in Melbourne”.

Listen to Hamilton’s interview with Paul here:

And you can hear from Susan here:




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