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Smart ticketing trial launched in Scotland

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Commuters in the Clyde area of Scotland are taking part in a new Smart ticketing trial being introduced today (26 February).

Customers on the McGill network’s ClydeFlyer routes can purchase a ten-journey carnet on a new smart card for use between Largs, Dunoon, Inverclyde and Glasgow city centre.  The firm says this offers a convenient and flexible way of travelling.

The GoSmart card is pre-loaded before travel and can be topped up with additional ten journeys, as and when required, on any ClydeFlyer bus or at SPT Travel Centres.

Derek Mackay, Scotland’s Minister for Transport said, “This is an important step towards delivery of Smart-enabled travel products, that brings benefits to passengers and operators alike.  McGill’s is the first of Scotland’s five major bus operators to introduce commercial smart ticketing using products that can be loaded on any saltirecard.

“The use of Smart technology, to enable one card to fulfil many purposes, forms part of the Scottish Government’s long-term vision that all journeys on Scotland’s bus, rail, ferry, subway and tram networks can be made using some form of smart ticketing or payment.”

Commenting on the announcement, McGill’s Managing Director, Ralph Roberts said, “McGill’s is delighted to work with Transport Scotland on the development and delivery of this Smart ticketing trial.  Smart-enabled ticketing offers a host of benefits for our customers – from quicker boarding, to no need for a paper ticket or to find change for every journey. We look forward to hearing the feedback of our ClydeFlyer customers who choose to GoSmart.”


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