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Smart Motorway cameras will be set to catch those doing over 70

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Motorists using the M1 through Derbyshire are being warned they will be fined if they are caught driving over the 70mph speed limit on a smart motorway, even when variable speed limits are switched off.

The Derby Telegraph reports that Darren Roberts, manager of the Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) for Derbyshire police, believes the 24-hour cameras should make the roads safer if more people are made aware that they will be prosecuted.

“The cameras are not there to generate money,” the paper quotes him as saying. “They are there to catch speeders, get reckless drivers off the roads and ultimately lead to a reduction in collisions.”

“To all the speeders out there: imagine if you had to knock on the door of a victim’s family to tell them their loved one had died because of your reckless driving” he said.

There is no set guideline for the use of speed cameras through smart motorways with some only catching drivers when the variable speed limit has been switched on.


Well if they are not for making money, don’t have a fine, just points then is it?