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Siemens SafeZone “delivers safer roads in Sussex”

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Two SafeZone average speed schemes installed by Siemens in Brighton and Hastings in 2017 have received high acclaim from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership following the first six months of operation, with both schemes are recording almost 100% speed compliance.

Completed in July 2017, the cameras have been deployed to improve road safety and reduce the speed vehicles travel along the seafront at Brighton, in order to reduce the risk of a serious collision whilst providing a safe environment for local residents and visitors to one of the county’s most popular visitor destinations.

The seafront at Hastings is susceptible to people speeding and overtaking at all hours of the day. The road is a main thoroughfare to the other side of the county and has to contend with the large number of visitors. Average speed cameras are helping to maintain a safe environment along one of the busiest roads in Hastings.

“Not only are both schemes reporting very high levels of speed compliance and road safety but we have received no complaints from local residents,” explained Mark Trimmer, Operations Manager for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

“Using a collection of cameras along Brighton seafront on Marine Parade and a further set of average speed detection cameras on the A259 Grosvenor Crescent in Hastings, compliance levels have reached 98.8% which is exceptional. The schemes also use a combination of visible and invisible (Infra Red) lighting which is more sensitive to the effects on local residents and the environment. It’s the first time such schemes have been installed in the County”, he said.


“we have received no complaints from local residents,”
Were they the ones’ speeding in the first place?
Have any other non locals been asked for their opinion? Have they enjoyed this mindless obedience, even though they may have been driving perfectly safely in the first place?
Does driving-by-numbers improve the whole driving experience or make for better drivers?
What is the educational value of a speed camera?
Good job they roads in this area are so pot-hole free to allow the council to spend money on these yellow vultures!