Shailen Bhatt says that ‘The FCC can save lives’ | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Shailen Bhatt says that ‘The FCC can save lives’

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President and CEO of ITS America Shailen Bhatt has spoken about how the FCC has the ability to save lives. 

Shailen Bhatt said that vehicle-to-everything or V2X technologies, have the potential to save lives, reduce crashes, increase mobility, and move toward a more sustainable transportation system.

Writing for The Hill, Bhatt said, ‘While the Department of Transportation (DOT) has been clear about the need to preserve the 5.9GHz spectrum for life-saving V2X technologies, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is sending signals about taking the band away.’

Bhatt added that this would be a disaster, saying that, ‘It is time to move past such regulatory uncertainty and provide automakers and road operators an environment they need to make our roads safer and save lives.’

‘It’s time for regulators to commit to maintaining the spectrum for V2X communications,’said Bhatt. He said that this is needed so that the industry can accelerate deployment of these life-saving technologies.


Shailen Bhatt will be talking about this and other key matters on the Talking Transport podcast from the ITS America meeting in Washington DC w/b 3 June, available on the SMART Highways website.


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