Severn Bridges could have two-way tolling if it goes free flow | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Severn Bridges could have two-way tolling if it goes free flow

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The Welsh Secretary is suggesting that motorists could pay both ways to cross the Severn Severn tolls if a new free-flowing tolling system is introduced.

At the moment drivers stop at toll booths to pay when they enter Wales, but the government is considering introducing free flow technology to emulate the booth-free crossings at Dartford.

The BBC quotes Alun Cairns as saying the UK government is thinking of a toll of £1.80 to £1.90 each way for cars – tolls for westbound car drivers are currently £6.60, although the government has committed to halve them in 2018 after the two Severn crossings move to public ownership.

It quotes Mr Cairns during a speech to business leaders in Cardiff saying, “We are consulting on a free-flow toll system which would charge users both ways,”

The Welsh secretary said the government has been looking at how the system works on the Dartford Crossing, “but it is hugely expensive to deliver and there’s not much competition on the technology”.


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