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Semcon working on new project for safer autonomous vehicles

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International technology company Semcon has announced that it is part of a new functional safety partnership with a global vehicle manufacturer.

Semcon stated that the project aims to use quality-assured system solutions to ensure that the autonomous vehicles of the future are reliable.

The new contract also includes strategic consulting to ensure that safety becomes a natural element in all software development, working methods and management decisions relating to the autonomous vehicles of the future.

It intends to be a two-year project that is being supplied to the client by Semcon and Qamcom.

Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon said, ,Functional safety has become even more key now that vehicles are becoming autonomous, and strategic decisions also have to take this into account.’

Semcon also said that it feels it is necessary to make sure that autonomous products are sufficiently safe and that people can rely on the technology.


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