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Self-driving Ubers “need intervention every mile”

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A leaked reports says that driverless Uber cars needed a driver to manually override its autonomous technology every mile.

The technology news website Recode revealed the progress of Uber’s self-driving fleets in Arizona, California and Pennsylvania and said that the vehicles drove just 0.8 miles per intervention, according to the measure taken from the week of March 8.

This is based on 20,354 miles driven by 43 of Uber’s self-driving cars.

“The top line,” says the report, is that “Uber’s robot cars are steadily increasing the number of miles driven autonomously. But the figures on rider experience — defined as a combination of how many times drivers have to take over and how smoothly the car drives — are still showing little progress.”

Uber passengers took around 930 rides in these autonomous cars in Pittsburgh last week and around 150 rides in Phoenix. To be clear, these vehicles still had a driver at the wheel to take over if needed.

In Pittsburgh, where Uber launched its commercial self-driving pilot in September, the report says it has been performing around 800 or more UberX trips per week in semi-autonomous mode since the middle of February.


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