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SEAT shows off ADAS-packed car

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The carmaker SEAT has unveiled a new car which has several automatic driver assistance system enhancements aimed at making the vehicle safer.

The company says the Leon Cristobal is the safest car in the history of the brand and that the “guardian angel” concept car is equipped with six advanced safety assistants whose functions can contribute to reducing the main causes of road accidents, such as distractions, drowsiness, speeding or alcohol consumption. These factors are currently the cause of 80% of all traffic accidents.

The Leon Cristobal is equipped with the following functions:

  • Drive-lock: this system features a built-in breathalyser and blocks the car if a positive reading is given.
  • Drive-coach: a voice assistant that enables the safety warnings to be completely personalised.
  • Guardian angel mode: in this driving mode, all 15 of the active and passive safety systems equipped in the vehicle are activated.
  • Display-mirror: rear-view mirror that uses a rear camera for better vision, eliminating blind spots.
  • Black box: it records data and images while driving and sends them to a selected Smartphone in the event of an accident.
  •  Mentor: an app that enables parents to control the vehicle’s speed and monitor its location when their children are driving it.

SEAT says the Leon Cristobal, named after the patron saint of drivers, could reduce road accidents by 40% if more than half of the vehicles on the road were equipped with its functions.


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