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Scottish company helping US Military with autonomous subs

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It’s reported the American Navy is expanding its work on unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) as part of the military’s focus on cyber-and electronic- warfare, using a craft from the Edinburgh-based company SeeByte.

The Driverless Transportation website says a craft using SeeByte’s Neptune technology shares data with other unmanned vehicles to determine a collective response to a threat.  It says a human operator sets the overall objective for the vehicles, which then use an algorithm to build a plan to meet the objective.

It says our Royal Navy also uses products from SeeByte to operate UUVs developed by Canada and the UK.

It quotes the Breaking Defense website as saying US applied short-range UUVs will gather intelligence in response to Iran’s plans to mine the Persian Gulf and that the Pentagon’s emphasis on technology and unmanned systems is part of the “Third Offset Strategy” introduced in 2014 by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in order to offset the enemy’s strength in one area with a strength of your own in a different area.

It says some of the technologies falling under the Third Offset Strategy are robotics and system autonomy, miniaturization, and big data and that the UUV technology remains in development, and the Pentagon is also working on adapting it to larger vessels operating on longer trips.

Picture credit – Breaking Defense


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