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Safety standards for self-driving cars to be set out by major car manufacturers

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A list of companies including BMW, Audi, Intel and Volkswagen laid out 12 guiding principles for the development of automated vehicles. 

Some of the world’s largest car manufacturers have joined forces with a number of tech companies to set out safety standards for the development of self-driving cars.

Aptiv, Audi, Baidu, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Here, Infineon, Intel, and Volkswagen, published a whitepaper (Safety First For Automated Driving) describing a framework for the development, testing, and validation of ‘safe’ autonomous vehicles, reports Venture Beat.

The members claim it’s the broadest representation across the industry to date, and they say that the 146 page report is the largest to offer clear traceability proving autonomous vehicles to be “safer than the average driver.

According to Venture Beat, the report states that with its publication, authors and experts from each of the participating partners will present the group’s work at industry and technology conferences internationally over the next several months.

A coalition spokesperson told VentureBeat that the paper was ‘equally open’ to any party who asked to participate and said that those who signed on did so of their own volition.

‘Due to the nature and objectives of the Safety First for Automated Driving whitepaper, we welcome additional companies to participate and see this as a living document that will continue to grow,’ the spokesperson added.


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