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Safety improvements for trunk roads in Wales

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Transport Minister Edwina Hart has unveiled a major new programme of works to improve safety on Wales’ trunk roads.

More than £16million has been invested by the Welsh government since 2009 on safety improvements along the 1,046-mile network of trunk roads across Wales, but a new round of investment will target 280 key locations across Wales where issues have been identified.

A recent survey commissioned by Mrs Hart reviewed speed limits and safety issues on Wales’ trunk road network. The survey identified 280 locations where work could be undertaken to improve the safety of drivers and local communities. These sections of trunk road will now be the focus of a major programme of safety improvement measures, including new speed limits, engineering measures, enforcement and education to be funded by the Welsh government.

The Minister said: “I am committed to improving safety on Wales’ trunk road network and improving conditions for those who live on or nearby trunk roads. That is why I expanded this comprehensive survey of speed limits into reviewing safety issues across our trunk road network. As well as collecting data and comments from the police, I asked my officials to consider the views of communities as part of the review.

“A range of measures have been identified to improve safety at each location and communities will be able to see what is planned for their area on an interactive map. Our trunk roads are subject to continual change and this programme will need to be monitored and reviewed, however I have identified new funding of £200,000 to start some of the work straight away.”

As part of the programme, the Minister has already announced £500,000 funding to introduce part-time 20mph mandatory speed limits outside eight schools across Wales.

An interactive map showing the findings of the survey and what work is planned for each section is available here:

The 280 trunk road sections identified for work are split into three categories:

  • 140 sections to have speed limit changes and/or engineering measures. This programme of works is estimated to cost £6m and will be delivered over five years;
  • 17 sections have been identified for possible enforcement and/or education programmes undertaken in consultation with police. These are expected to cost £400,000 and will be carried out in the 2014/15 financial year;
  • 123 sections will be subject to safety improvements as part of other existing programmes of work.

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