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Roadworks suspended on Olympic routes

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The Highways Agency has put routine roadworks on hold across key Olympic routes.

From Monday July 23 until September 14 there will be no planned roadworks on Highways Agency roads which form part of the Olympic and alternative Route Network.

Work to carry out essential maintenance will only be permitted at night but all roadworks will have to be cleared before the next day when athletes, officials and visitors are making their way to Games venues.

The Agency’s Director of Network Delivery and Development, Derek Turner said: “We expect all roads around venues to be considerably busier.

“As part of our preparations, we have programmed our roadworks to be completed in time for the Games to make as many lanes available as possible – helping drivers who make part of their journey to a park and ride before travelling on to their venue by public transport.”

The Agency’s Traffic Management Director, Simon Sheldon-Wilson, said: “Highways Agency traffic officers and incident support units will be ready to deal with any incidents as quickly as possible. We will be positioning patrols at key locations to ensure a swift response.

“We will also have Highways Agency traffic officers operating on some non-motorway routes for the first time, for instance on the A31, the A35 between the M27 and Weymouth and on the A13 in Essex towards Hadleigh Farm.”



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