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Roads Minister orders review into ‘stealth’ speed cameras

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Roads Minister John Hayes has ordered an urgent review into ‘stealth’ speed cameras after they caught almost 700 drivers speeding in just two months.

Critics have dubbed the devices, which are positioned on the M25 and use digital technology, ‘stealth cameras’ because they are painted grey, making them harder for motorists to spot.

Speaking to the The Telegraph, Mr Hayes (pictured) said: “I have been concerned about ‘stealth cameras’ and have ordered a review as a matter of priority to look at exactly where they are, what they are being used for and how they are signed.

“I think it’s important that people know where speed cameras are. The suggestion that stealth is involved is not reasonable.”

The cameras use front and rear-facing cameras to verify speed, and can scan four lanes at a time.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency has previously defended the use of the cameras stating: “There are clear signs where cameras are in place and the new cameras are more visible than the previous versions.

“Variable speed limits on smart motorways are primarily there to smooth traffic flow, reduce congestion and make journeys more reliable.

“Hundreds of thousands of motorists use this stretch of the M25 every day. The vast majority are sticking to the speed limits and are experiencing better journeys as a result of smart motorways.”


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