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Road safety websites will highlight council stats

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The public will be able to compare their local council’s road safety performance with other parts of the country thanks to a new website launched by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

The new Road Safety Comparison Site sets out collision and casualty figures against population, traffic levels, road length and authority spending to show how local authorities have performed over the last seven years.

As well as putting casualty figures in to context the site provides a mapping facility so that people can see how many cyclists or children have been involved in collisions on a particular road.

In addition, the Department is launching a new research portal – The Road Safety Observatory – giving road safety professionals access to research on a variety of relevant topics.

Hammond (pictured) said: “This new comparison website will give local residents a more accurate picture of their council’s performance in reducing road casualties and will allow councils to make more meaningful assessments of the work they are doing to improve road safety.

“If a council is performing particularly well then I want to see them sharing best practice with others so that they can improve.

“In addition, the Road Safety Observatory will be a valuable resource for all those with an interest in road safety by providing a one-stop-shop for road safety research.”

The Road Safety Comparison Site can be found here

The Road Safety Observatory can be accessed here


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