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Revolutionary use of traffic lights to manage excess speed unveiled – audio

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A UK-first traffic speed management scheme using traffic lights to slow down speeding drivers has been unveiled by Clearview Traffic.

The initiative, in the village of Fairlie on the West Coast of Scotland, monitors the speed of vehicles and turns traffic signals to red if they are going too fast.

It’s been described by Group Product Manager Graham Muspratt in a presentation at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium.

“We detect drivers’ speed in advance of the stop line,” Graham told Smart Highways Editor Paul Hutton, “and any driver seen to be in excess of 34 miles per hour will get a red light at that junction.  From a driver’s perspective it’s encouraging speed compliance, so a carrot of speed compliance rather than the big stick of speed enforcement.”

Clearview add that the scheme, which has been used in mainland Europe, has the advantage of managing speed in real time.  “It’s instant speed reduction,” explains Graham, “and drivers who are driving safely and under the speed limit have nothing to fear because they won’t get an additional red signal other than traditional phasing timings.”

The effects of the scheme on overall speed through the village will be monitored and the solution may be rolled out in other locations across the country.

You can hear the full interview with Graham Muspratt here:



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