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Rennicks launches crowd-sourced journey time data solution – audio

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Traffic technology company Rennicks is introducing a new journey time solution for temporary VMS which requires no roadside technology to gather the traveller information.

Instead, the company is using data available from one of the traffic information providers that uses crowd-sourcing to analyse traffic speed and flow.

Head of Solutions at Rennicks, Peter Cattell told Smart Highways Editor Paul Hutton, “you can use cameras, you can use bluetooth sensors and so on, but that technology is actually quite expensive and quite cumbersome to set it up… we’ve looked around and recognised there’s a source of crowd sourced data where we can access that journey time information without needing any technology at the side of the road.”

Cattell explained that users define the journey time route using a web interface which then sends the information direct to the VMS.  This, he says, means that the system is flexible:

“If you’re going to close a motorway, the traffic will be diverted and that diversion may change overnight.  It is very expensive to move journey time equipment… with our system it’s literally two clicks on a map.”

You can hear the full interview below, which was recorded at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium at Warwick University.


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