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RAC gives qualified support to more average speed cameras

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The RAC has reacted to a parliamentary select committee’s call for more average speed cameras on British roads by agreeing they can be part of the solution.

RAC public affairs manager Nick Lyes said, “The benefit in using average speed cameras is that they have the advantage of measuring speed over distance, which is in marked contrast with fixed cameras which are often criticised for encouraging sharp braking and acceleration by drivers as they react to the cameras.

“This reaction can be a potential cause of accidents and does not help maintain steady flow of traffic.  In addition, indications from the use of average speed cameras over a long distance on the A9 in Scotland appear to show positive compliance levels and a reduction in road traffic accidents.”

“However he added that motorists will feel that the enforcement of road traffic law is not only about installing more cameras, saying, “the decline in road traffic police officers in recent years has been a worrying trend, with a 23% reduction in England and Wales between 2010 and 2014.  The presence of road traffic police officers can also play a big part in improving both safety and compliance, as well as giving motorists a sense that law breakers are not just simply getting away with it.”


I think it is imperative that motorists are reminded what ‘average’ means – the definition is NOT ‘maximum’. Currently there are far too many drivers who, despite having been stationary for several minutes, insist on remaining at 49 miles an hour across all lanes, effectively causing a running road-block.