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Public beginning to see driverless benefits – survey

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A new survey is suggesting drivers see that there will be some benefits of driverless cars, with more than a quarter of adults believing the biggest benefit will be a reduction in accidents.

Carried out ahead of UK Robotics Week (25 June – 1 July 2016), the research, commissioned by the EPSRC UK-RAS Network found just over a quarter respondents representing a cross-section of UK adults think that the biggest benefit of the introduction of autonomous vehicles will be a reduction in the number of road accidents.

A fifth believe that their road rage would decrease.

“While widespread advent of fully autonomous, “never-need-a-driving-wheel” self-driving cars is sometime away the possibilities for safety, economy and efficiency of these devices is breathtaking,” said Professor Paul Newman, who is leading Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group that develops self-driving cars and related technologies.  “Early and thoughtful engagement with users – their fears, aspirations and expectations is all part of the development of the technology.”

Other key findings of the research into public attitudes to robotics advances include:

  • 71.8% feel that autonomous driving would have a positive impact on everyday commuting
  • 21.2% of respondents think that the automotive sector would deliver the greatest benefits from robotics in the next 10 years
  • While men believe automotive will benefit most, women voted medicine the top sector to gain from robotics technology during the coming decade (20.3%)

Research was carried out by Opinion Matters on behalf of EPSRC UK-RAS Network between 25/05/2016 and 26/05/2016.  Sample: 1282 UK adults.


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