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PTV Group hires rival’s founder

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PTV Group have announced they have recruited Dr Jaume Barceló, the co-founder of rival transport modelling company TSS as Strategic Adviser.

Barceló developed TSS’s Aimsun software and is Emeritus Professor at UPC Barcelona.

Miller Crockart, PTV Group’s Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, explained, “PTV Group is creating an environment in which the greatest minds can find a home for their talents, energy and creativity when it comes developing the next generation of technologies and methodologies for the planning and optimization of the movement of both people and goods.

“With this, we have begun recruiting to PTV Group and our ‘ecosystem’ some of the brightest and the most illustrious people who also share our passion to drive the future of mobility.”

Crockart continued, “To that end, it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce officially that Dr. Jaume Barceló, Emeritus Professor at UPC Barcelona, Spain and the founder, creator and brains behind the technology, algorithms and methodologies of the Aimsun software is to join PTV Group as a full-time Strategic Adviser.  At PTV Group, we are creating a community of rather special people who will not concentrate on existing technologies or methodologies, such as micro- or macro-simulation, but will instead focus entirely on completely new, blue-sky thinking to develop what will be the next generation of methodologies and technologies for planning and optimisation.

“This elite group will develop the next generation of software components that will also reside on the ‘mega platforms’ and ‘city operating systems’ needing to be developed rapidly in the near future.  Jaume Barceló is to be a leading light of the blue skies team at PTV Group.”

On a very personal note, Crockart further stated, “I have known Jaume personally for the last 15 years and a more knowledgeable, passionate for the subject matter, creative, humble, friendly and most importantly honorable and honest man you will not find in this industry.  It is an honour for me personally and for PTV Group that Jaume has now found with us a suitable home to realise his undeniable and considerable talents.”


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