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PTV delivers technology for new national traffic model in Poland

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Software delivered by the PTV Group will aim to design polish investment projects more efficiently with its new national traffic model of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA).

The INMOP3 (Intermodal Transport Models at Three Levels: national, regional and local) project implemented by the GDDKiA has introduced new traffic models which, due to their intermodality, constitute the basis for an analysis of the transport networks across the country, both as regards the development of the infrastructure and the passenger traffic.

Traffic models utilising the PTV Group software reflect the processes occurring in the transport system throughout the country. In addition, the national model has been integrated with the regional and local models, which are to become the standard for planning and developing mobility systems in the future.

Project Coordinator Andrzej Brzezinski said, ‘Introduction of standards on each of the planning levels: national, regional and local will facilitate dialogue between the contracting parties and the designers, and by integrating the models on all levels, it will reduce the time needed for analyses.’

The PTV Vissim and PTV Visum tools, used by creators of the project, are elements of a transport planning software devised for entities responsible for designing and developing transport infrastructure and construction investments, as well as for organisers and operators of public transport.

The PTV Group says that it allows for the development of operational plans and multi-annual strategies and has hitherto been used by over 10 thousand licensed transportation planning and modelling specialists and by over 2.5 thousand cities worldwide.

Martyna Abendrot-Miuska, a member of the management board of the Polish branch of the PTV Group said, ‘In our experience, the use of new technological solutions makes it possible to minimise risks as early as at the design stage, and to adapt the implemented solutions both to the present and future conditions.’


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