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Predicting driverless timescales “a real challenge”

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A new report is warning that predicting timescales for the widespread implementation of driverless cars on British roads is a “real challenge” because of questions over the public’s acceptance of the technology.

PA Consulting’s Driverless Vehicles, What Are The Roadblocks report used seven criteria including technology, regulations and public acceptance and concluded that driverless cars were “more than ten years away from regular use on UK roads”.

It talked to several experts who felt it could take up to 20 years for them to be accepted, but that attitudes could change quickly once more people saw the cars being used, or if an “Apple car”, for example, appeared.

The Times quotes PA Consulting transport expert Charlie Henderson as saying that other countries such as Sweden and Denmark would take to driverless cars quicker, adding, “Some of [UK] road regulation is dated, the legislative process can be slow in comparison with other countries, and we have a large number of bodies involved in managing our roads.

“For many in Britain their vehicle is much more than just a means of transport. Autonomous vehicles will not have the ‘fun’ of driving; you will be driven rather than drive.”


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