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Portland, Oregon uses traffic sensors for cycle safety

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The city of Portland, Oregon has installed 200 sensors on street lights to monitor the movement of cyclists in an attempt to better and safer design the streets.

The  Smart City PDX Traffic Safety Sensor Project will pilot the use of these sensors on three of Portland’s most dangerous streets and staff will use the sensor information to make recommendations about future changes to make is easier for people to travel safely.

“When it comes to designing safer streets for all users, accurate information is crucial,” a statement reads. “The engineers and safety experts who design the streets need to know how people use the streets, including where people typically walk, bike and drive. They need to know how fast people are driving and where pedestrians typically cross the streets.”

The authority says that in the past, gathering this information was laborious and time-consuming, but now thanks to new sensor technology, it has become much easier to gather data that give insight into how people are traveling on our streets and highlights potentially dangerous locations and so with the information provided by these sensors, traffic and safety engineers can produce better street designs.

It’s understood the sensors rely on GE’s Current CityIQ sensors, which are powered with Intel IoT technology and use AT&T as the data carrier.


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