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Platooning, mapping, mobility and youth on Singapore countdown podcast

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With just days to go until the 2019 ITS World Congress, Talking Transport brings you a second scene-setter for Singapore talking platooning, mapping, mobility and the next generation. These podcasts are sponsored by AGD Systems, Cohda Wireless, HERE Technologies, Jenoptik, PTV Group, SWARCO and WSP.  You can listen here.

In this podcast we talk to WSP who are going to be launching an exciting tool in Singapore which links the policy and deployment of new mobility to look at the transport network as an integrated system. Director Rehan Mian tells SMART Highways editor Paul Hutton that this tool is a fantastic opportunity to get decision makers in a room and understand how different factors interact and how the impact of what decisions you make today will affect the network in the future.

Fellow sponsors Cohda Wireless tell Paul about their platooning solution and how emerging standards allow trucks to space themselves more closely and operate autonomously and how Cohda is developing proof-of-concept versions of software to deliver the benefits. Meanwhile the head of HERE Technologies maps explains how in the last five-to-seven years the way you build maps has fundamentally changed with sensors, connectivity and analysis driving a transformation that created a step-change in customer demands for mapping data.

We also hear about a drive to bring the brightest and best young professionals from 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific region to Congress and have our excellent guide to Singapore, with details of must-visit tourist places, beaches, temples plus how the country is a mix of so many different cultures.

Remember there will be five daily Talking Transport podcasts from Singapore, starting on Monday 21 October – each looks ahead to the day’s events by talking to organisers, exhibitors, speakers and demonstrators at the world’s must-visit annual ITS convention.


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