Parking app SpotHero is “preparing for an era of driverless cars” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Parking app SpotHero is “preparing for an era of driverless cars”

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On-demand parking app SpotHero  has said it wants to be ready for the day when autonomous vehicles are ubiquitous.

SpotHero’s service has fleets that targets shared mobility and on-demand services.

TechCrunch reports that service aims to be a one-stop shop for car-sharing and commercial fleets to handle all that goes into ensuring there is access and the right number of designated parking areas on any given day within SpotHero’s large network of 6,500 garages across 300 cities.

Under the new service, customers are able to source and secure parking inventory in high-traffic areas across multiple cities and pay per use across multiple parking facilities on one invoice to streamline payments, according to TechCrunch.Elan Mosbacher,

SpotHero’s head of strategy and operations said, ‘Our platform has evolved as more trends emerge around everything from connected cars to urban mobility apps to fleets to autonomous vehicles more and more companies are reaching out to us about how to leverage our network and our API to service parking from their interface to their audience of drivers.’



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