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Ordnance Survey to create national database of road assets

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Government-owned company Ordnance Survey has teamed up with Intel-owned computer vision company Mobileye, to register assets using cameras in vehicles. 

Trials have begun in London and Southampton and the results will be compared to ‘ground truth data’ from Ordnance Survey’s army of more than 200 surveyors and its fleet of vehicles with their own cameras and lidar scanners.

Mobileye cameras in vehicles do not record complete images but effectively an asset list with GPS location stamps. This is then sent to the cloud to be in turn picked up by Ordnance Survey.

The report also registers relative positioning from one feature to another, which allows Ordnance Survey to use its own data and mapping systems to create a higher level of geographical location.

Using relative positioning with other features and the road curvature, Ordnance Survey can cross-coordinate with its map to create maps that are accurate to at least the cm.

And because the system does not use whole images, the camera devices on average only send 200mb a year – equivalent of 60 songs.

‘You don’t need to wait for 5G to send information back to the cloud. You can use this data to enhance maps and build maps. We are building maps for autonomous vehicles based on cameras just like this one,’ a Mobileye spokesman said.




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