Onboard camera captures moment lorry and car collide on M25 | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Onboard camera captures moment lorry and car collide on M25

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Footage captured by a lorry’s onboard camera shows the moment a car became wedged across the front of its cab on the M25.

No one was hurt in the incident, which happened along the M25 near Gatwick. According to the BBC, the haulage company used the coverage to prove that the driver was not to blame for the collision.



Video courtesy of SmartWitness.


Just what does the clown in the car think he was doing?
You Give Way when joining the main carriageway – something many of the buffoons on today’s roads forget. Simple, basic Highway Code that was not put into practise.
Don’t forget this incident started to happen as the car was approaching a point level with the REAR of the truck and tried to undertake it. or even by choosing the slip road outer lane to join the motorway at an incorrect speed. The car driver failed to appreciate the truck’s speed in relation to their own but still could have avoided the contact by simply moving to the left (across the solid white line and hatch markings) to avoid contact. I’m sorry but the driver of the car isn’t mentally fit to use a car if (s)he drives like that.
Give a big ‘well done’ to the truck driver for not panicking, for responding correctly and not causing a greater problem. Another ‘well done’ for the good observations by the truck driver in front as well….

Good to have video evidence, but I hardly think they would have been deemed at fault if they didn’t have the footage.
There were enough witnesses including the lorry driver in front who obviously saw everything hence pulling over, and a few hundred yards of tyre marks.

Then you have the brand of camera “SmartWitness dash camera prevents costly insurance claim”… which is simply a false claim.

I really wish this website / magazine would not lower itself to advertising in this way.
It’s misleading…. and I would hope most of your readers are too intelligent to fall for it.

It took a very long time for the truck to slow and the driver was next to negligent in the way he maintained his speed and did not allow the car to merge. A little thought by the truck driver would have prevented this collision. If the merging vehicle had been a large truck I am sure the drivers actions would have been different.