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Nissan invents seat which detects dehydrated drivers

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Nissan has invented a seat which analyses the sweat of a driver and works out if they are dehydrated and therefore more likely to have an accident. reports that the sweat-sensing textile system called Soak is a reaction to the dangers of driving while dehydrated, which has been found to be as bad as drinking and driving because a driver makes more mistakes, including late breaking and lane drifting.

The report explains that Nissan developed Soak in conjunction with Dutch design brand Droog. The initial idea came from Droog researcher and designer Paulien Routs who originally saw it as being integrated into sports clothing, but helping drivers be safer is just as useful.

Soak can be integrated into a driver’s seat and steering wheel where it reacts to sweat. If hydrated, the textile remains blue, but if dehydration is detected the textile turns yellow. The driver should spot this change on the steering wheel and a passenger may spot the yellow behind the driver’s back.

However there is no automated warning yet and the report adds that there are no plans to install the seat as standard.

(Picture credit – Nissan)


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