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Nissan expands it ProPilot self-driving technology across the Qashaqi range

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Multinational automobile manufacturer Nissan has expanded its ProPilot technology to be available across the full range of automatic Qashqai models.

Nissan’s ProPilot system encompasses a full range of driver assistance technologies, at a press of a button a number of systems take place.

Pocket-lint reports that while it is not designed to be fully autonomous, the ProPilot technology should keep drivers in lane and maintain a safe distance from the car in front, reacting to changes in speed on the road.

According to Pocket-lint, ProPilot will bring the car to a complete halt, and then resume driving again if that stop is for less than 3 seconds.

It’s a system designed to assist with motorway driving as well as stop-start driving in traffic.

A combination of cameras and radar is used to identify the traffic conditions and other vehicles. ProPilot is designed to be able to steer the car around corners, keeping in the middle of the correct lane when on the motorway.

ProPilot technology will now be available on automatic Qashqai models and is included as standard on Tekna and Tekna+ models.

Pocket-lint reports that ProPilot is already available on Nissan’s all-electric car, the Nissan Leaf and that it is also due to be introduced to the X-Trail later in 2019.


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