Night vision cameras catch speeders on M5 | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Night vision cameras catch speeders on M5

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Devon and Cornwall Police have introduced Infrared low Light cameras across the force’s network and have already caught someone who was driving at 101mph in what’s described as “filthy” weather on the M5.

The website quotes a tweet by the roads policing team saying, “The weather’s filthy… heavy rain, spray and reduced visibility. 101mph is just madness.”

It quotes Marcus Laine, operations manager for the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership as saying, “Infrared lighting enables officers to continue enforcing speeding vehicles in reduced light.

“This demonstration aims to show the public our increased capability and our commitment to reducing fatal and serious injury collisions for which speed continues to be a major contributory factor.”


I always thought that it needed two witness’s to get a speeding prosecution?
One would be the device and the other an officers ‘opinion’
How can an officer come to that opinion, if they cannot see the vehicle because of distance or lack of vision at night?