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Night vision camera catches 106 speeders in 90 minutes

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A deployment of a new type of speed camera has detected 106 speeding drivers on a stretch of the A66 in Teesside in just 90 minutes of operation.

The local paper, the Gazette, reports that the “night vision” cameras have replaced the previous models which could only operate when there was sufficient daylight to capture vehicle registration details to the required level.

It says one driver was clocked at 79mph in the 50mph limit.

The cameras, made by Truvelo (UK), are being fitted to the four vans which operate across the Cleveland and Durham force areas.

Acting Insp Phil Grieve, from the CDSOU told the paper, “This new, night time capability means the staff from the Safety Camera Unit can now operate at any time of day or night, and detect speeding motorists at times the older equipment could not.

“Speeding remains one of the four main factors in serious or fatal collisions and the limits are put in place quite simply to protect pedestrians and all road-users.”

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