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NICE calls for range of traffic changes to improve air quality

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More speed cameras and lower speed limits are two of the ideas being put forward by health experts in order to improve air quality.


The Government’s organisation tasked with the promotion of good health, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says there should be more average speed cameras to keep cars at a constant speed reducing the effects of accelerating and then braking, along with a removal of speed humps which experts say cause more pollution because of the changes in speed.


It also suggests an incorporation of real-time information to tell drivers what the current optimum driving speed is, while cutting the limit on motorways to 50 mph is a “highly cost-effective” way of reducing pollution, as well as introducing more 20 mph zones in urban centres.

NICE advises actions to encourage uptake of low- and zero-emission vehicles, for instance, electric charging points or use of low- or zero-emission vehicles for deliveries and that that infrastructure – in particular, charging points – is needed to achieve significant uptake of zero- or low-emission vehicles.

Roads authorities will be encouraged to consider the proposals although NICE advice is not legally binding.

You can read the full report here.





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