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New York “plagued” by repeat red-light offenders

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More than 1,100 instances of cars with five or more traffic camera violations being caught going through red lights are being recorded every day in New York City.

A city controller’s report, detailed in the New York Daily News says the analysis of speed and red-light camera violations illustrate an “epidemic of menacing drivers who have little regard for traffic laws and public safety”.

It says that, in the past 26 months alone, more than 121,000 cars have received more than five tickets for speeding near schools and running red lights, according to Controller Scott Stringer’s report.

There are 24 cars that have more than 50 camera violations — and 488 that have between 26 and 50 infractions, the report says

“This analysis is shocking, outrageous and almost unbelievable,” Stringer is quoted as saying. “If your car has more than 50 violations near a school, or dozens of tickets for running red lights, you shouldn’t be on the road. Yet our government is letting it happen.”


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