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New survey continues to suggest driverless scepticism

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A new report by the University of Michigan suggests the wider travelling public still needs a lot of convincing that driverless vehicles are a good idea.

Following on from a similar survey last year, researchers in the university’s Sustainable Worldwide Transportation department examined motorists’ views of vehicle automation, including preferences for interaction and overall concern about riding in self- driving vehicles.

They found that the most frequent preference for vehicle automation continues to be for no self-driving capability, followed by partially self-driving vehicles, with completely self-driving vehicles being the least preferred choice.

Concern for riding in self-driving vehicles remains higher for completely self-driving vehicles than for partially self-driving vehicles, while respondents still overwhelmingly want to be able to manually control completely self-driving vehicles when desired.

Furthermore preferences were generally divided between touchscreens or voice commands to input route or destination information for completely self-driving vehicles, while Most respondents prefer to be notified of the need to take control of a partially self-driving vehicle with a combination of sound, vibration, and visual warnings.

The researchers say that, overall, public opinion has been remarkably consistent over the two years that this survey has been conducted, despite the increased media coverage of self-driving vehicles.


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