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New safety innovation at temporary roadworks

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3M says it’s created a new innovation for enhanced safety at temporary roadworks.

It says motorway roadworks can be made safer for all road users with the 3M Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) average speed enforcement solution.

It’s contracting WJ to install the TASCAR (Temporary Automatic Speed Camera At Roadworks) system because, it says, of its experience in the installation of passive safety columns and characters.

3M says one of the system’s most notable features is its easy installation.  The cameras are mounted on poles and bases designed specifically to suit the 3M camera hardware.  As the cameras are able to operate using wireless communications such as 3G and GPRS, all the required electronics for the camera are contained inside a single unit.  3M’s approved system also boasts exceptional optical camera system performance for enhanced reliability.

3M project manager Ross Burrows said: “3M is dedicated to creating innovative speed enforcement solutions which make a real difference to the safety of all those using the road networks.

“We understand how important it is to ensure motorists stick to the enforced speed limits when travelling through temporary roadworks for both their own safety and that of the workforces.  This is why we have enhanced our HOTA Average Speed Camera System to make it even more suitable in this situation.”

Martin Webb, WJ group operations director, added: “3M is a valued strategic partner and we are well positioned to deliver the camera system as part of our temporary road marking operation.  Additionally, this value added service complements our existing activity confirming the WJ commitment to road safety overall.”


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