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New research suggests widespread discomfort with driverless cars

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New research commissioned for the personal injury claims advice website is suggesting two thirds of drivers are uncomfortable with the idea of driverless vehicles.

YouGov discovered 68% of more than two thousand people it asked said that they would be uncomfortable as a passenger in a driverless car, while 56% of 1745 drivers polled said they would worry that if they had to make a claim against a driverless car, they would automatically be classed as ‘at fault’ by insurance companies. CEO John Quail (pictured) said, “We’re getting closer and closer to seeing driverless cars hit the British roads.  While this has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel, we must be aware of the potential risks that driverless cars could cause for drivers and insurers.

“Technology can be a great thing if harnessed successfully, but I worry that the advent of driverless cars is going to be fraught with more complex issues.  The general public look less than enamoured with the advent of driverless cars, and it’s time for the authorities to address the concerns by being clear on the answers to the moral and ethical dilemmas brought up by implementing driverless cars on the roads, especially when it comes to the aspects of safety and policies following an accident.   After all, with research showing that self-driving cars could save 2,500 lives in the UK between now and 2030, the sooner these technicalities are addressed, the better.”



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